Cross Lapper



Characterized by the fact that they have double motorization on carriages and with dual lattice to receive the carding web, these cross lappers are controlling the web since the beginning of the contact avoiding any deformation or bubble effect. Being planned so that the synchroneity among all the motors are occurring in electrical setup, these machines offer unlimited possibilities of profile control and all the possible combinations of web release are made with the maximum precision even at higher speeds.

Weight accuracy in lapped webs is the most important quality for a nonwoven installation. The cross lappers increase both web homogeneity and throughput speed and thus eliminate any bottlenecks. With the improvement of the lapped web profile also leads a proportional reduction of raw material consumptions. A special advantage of this system is that it controls the MD:CD ratio.



QUICK SPECS Input Width Lapping speed Modular Design
3.4m, 4.2m
70-80mpm  Profile control system


01  Moving storage system with the pneumatic guiding system.

02  Automatic lifting of the bottom lattice.

03  Carbon rollers for spunlace nonwoven production.

04  Driven by servo motors.

05  Buttom lattice: Carbon lattice (for high speed lappers).




Mid speed lapper

Cross lapper -50-55mpm

High Speed Cross lapper for Spunlace 

Roller Web Drafter

Vertical lapper 

Zeta Drafter


The short web path ensures the highest lapping speed to 120mpm.

The driving technology adopted to energy recovery with the reduction of energy consumption and lesser vibration

Ease of Maintenance and accessibility

Use of Carbon rollers and the Carbon lattices to ensure light effect

Carriages driven by no-stretch special (no-maintenance) timing belt

Patented for the driving system


Web Drafter

TUE HI-TECH offers the opening and blending equipment for synthetic and natural fibres.

Carding Machine

TUE HI-TECH offers the carding unit with better suction unit suitable for all kinds of fibers.

Double Belt Oven

TUE HI-TECH offers double belt ( teflon-PTFE) oven with 2-3 heating chambers and 1-2 cooling chambers.

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