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Carding has always been a most important part of Nonwovens. The production efficiency and the capacity for the entire line is influenced by the speed of the rollers. The roller card consists of many stripper and worker rollers driven independently.

This carding with excellent suction system to make sure that the fiber would not be winded into the shaft to affect the working precision of the machine. Also, it is configured with double bearing housing under cylinder, so that the hold is stronger. The card consists of the 5+3 or 5+2 worker- stripper rollers pairs on its main cylinder and the breast cylinder. This ensures the proven web quality.

This premium machine has been specially developed and designed for high production speeds, tailored to the worldwide requirements of nonwoven lines. Fixed with metal and fire detector in front of this carding machine, to make sure that there would not be any metal feed into this machine to destroy the carding wire. The Uniquely crafted construction enables an easy accessibility to all the parts of the card: this feature helps users with reduced cleaning and maintenance periods, together with a much higher efficiency.



QUICK SPECS Working Width Capacity Modular Design
500-800 kg/h Uniquely crafted bearing house


01   5+3 groups of Worker and Stripper Rollers.

02   Unique fiber dust suction unit crafted in the frame.

03   High quality Steel rollers and frames.

04   Open top designs for ease maintenance ease.

05   Suitable for any kinds of natural or synthetic fibers.




Chute Feeder- Air Pressure 

Autolevelling-Weighing Control System

Volumetric Feeder

Single Cylinder Carding

Double Cylinder Double Doffer Carding

High Capacity Carding


Highest quality of carded webs.

Evenness in weight distribution, high blending effect.

Increased Efficiency and Production Rate.

Cleaning and Maintenance ease.

Advanced Suction System.

Heavy structure with crafted clamps for support.

Double bearing housing to stabilize the stronger hold of the rollers.

Metal detection and alarm system to prevent metals or any foreign object.


Cross Lapper

TUE HI-TECH offers the opening and blending equipment for synthetic and natural fibres.

Web Drafter

TUE HI-TECH offers the opening and blending equipment for synthetic and natural fibres.

Oil Box Type

TUE HI-TECH offers the oil box needle punching machines.

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